Jeu de guerre de Ornria

"Postings from the Ornrian Wars", or "Warplay with Plastic Armymen"

The White Rooster of Spunkdumpling

The Oriflamme of the Polyester Freestate figures a white rooster.  The origin of this symbol lies in the foggy history of Spunkdumpling.  It is said the Farmer Obgurd the Clearheaded was woken in the middle of the night by a glowing white Rooster who presented the astonished man with a crown, a feather pen, and led him to the location of a sword.  It taught him to write letters by scratching the soil, then it sprouted a second head, and led him to the king who was so impressed with either the Farmer's crown or the Roosters' accomplishments that he made him a Knight.  The fabulous two headed rooster is lost to history after this time, but luckily sired a line of  poultry of prodigious vitality that has remained tasty to this day the Spunkdumpling Baldcoc.   The heirs of Obgurd maintained the practice of Haruspicy, and in Spunkdumpling one can still find practitioners of the art.

     The Oriflamme Banner of the Second Polyester Freestate is; Per Bend Purpure et Rose. Sinister a White Rooster Displayed gripping Pen and Sword.  which just means it's Purple over pink with  the white rooster on the left.  The official flag is always in swallow tailed form, but it's sometimes seen in the rectangle, and, popular in the army, a more square version with the charge centered.

The Polyestrine Kings put enormous effort into creating the pan Poly Postal network, and the sabretache pouch became it's symbol, and by virtue of the role of the state clerks in the Glorious Transformation the badge and emblem of the Freestate as a whole.

Badge of the Freestate


  1. That is an amazing name for a wonderful flag!

    1. Gee, thanks! I am quite Pleased that you found it amusing and fun.


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