Jeu de guerre de Ornria

"Postings from the Ornrian Wars", or "Warplay with Plastic Armymen"

antique Ornrian atlas, neat find!
Hey, was going down the Rue Latte early this AM, and passed a bookstall with this gem out front.  It has maps, and you know how I love maps...  Look at that Roach Harbor, they don't do them like that anymore.  And the color inserts of flags are pretty cool too, I'll have to give close ups.  Anyway, hope you enjoy them.

 All the flags of the Ornrian nations are deligtfully rendered in color.  I love color plates in books!

I never noticed the continent and islands taken together kind of form a dragon's head, to the right, seems to be biting the Ouroboros Rim.  a delightful whimsy...
     Anyway I like the street maps of cities like Roach Harbor, old cities change, but not much...

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