Jeu de guerre de Ornria

"Postings from the Ornrian Wars", or "Warplay with Plastic Armymen"

News from Brubberband!

There was a clipping today in the paper about the Brubberband Heavy Artillery Regiment.  Colonel Oldstash Banghum's boys were getting to fire off the big guns for the Departmental Winter Maneuvers.

The Big Guns

It appears that a sham battle was played out with elements of the local garrisons, against the Experimental Armor Force.    I'm wondering how that played out...  I understand the column had problems with communications and fighting the mud.

an informant in the paper suggests the TKSes did very well, and I bet I'll be hearing that they will be the top choice for arming the Uhlan regiments.
A TKS in the foreground towing an Anti-Tank Gun
Meanwhile, I didn't feel too well, and niether did the Spouse so we took a late bracing walk out on the Rue Latte for drinks.  I chose the diet sam's cola, a common vintage, but easy on the budget.
Rue Latte, Brubberband
 It was a lovely evening for a stroll, but we were glad to be back home.  I dug around trying to find out more about the local maneuvers and consulted my maps...  It would seem the armor was trying to move down the Rush creek line towards Souppot, so I called a friend down at Moldstews, and she told me they'd been going at it hammer and tongs in the direction of the Potomacancheese River, making "a dreadful din" and interrupting her watercress sandwiches.  I tendered apologies on behalf of the Fabulouth Armee, and we had a nice laugh.
Still, that seemed to verify that the ETF was trying to move on the Rush Creek Axis, presumably to get the rail line.  There's a nice prominance near Cheesepit, so I lept in the tin lizzy and spun wheels over that way.  The roads were in a state, wet and muddy, and filled with broken down lorries, tanks, and laughing soldiers.  some clowns in the lee of the hill even found enough wet dirty snow for a mudball fight.       I went looking for the Colonel, and though I didn't find him, I climbed the hill to find all the big guns cheerfully booming out shells with an abandon as great as the direction was small.  How we manage not to kill all the cows in the valley is beyond me.


  1. I am glad to see a new installment and look forward to the next.

    1. Thanks, I hope to keep a bit more current in the comin year.


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