Jeu de guerre de Ornria

"Postings from the Ornrian Wars", or "Warplay with Plastic Armymen"

Attention Aircraft Spotters!

There is a friendly stranger in the skies!  The Army Air Service has just received delivery of its first flight of Flyit fighters.  Built by the Flyit Avaiation Factory of Polyesterdelphia, these powerful aircraft put the Freestate ahead of it's rivals in Aeroplane development.  It is made of the best paper materials from the papermills of Pactraplant, and welded with powerful new Elmerson Adhesives of Testorton.  These beautiful machines composed of only dozens of parts can be made more quickly and cheaply than former defense aircraft, and yet fly faster, and carry more machine guns and bombs than anything before it.
    Amazing too, is the speed at which Military Aviation Engineers from the Army and from Polyestrine industry were able to produce these powerful new elements of national defense.  Only days from the planning, to printer to flight status!
     Flyit Aviation is proud to put this newly minted sword into the hands of The Freestate's finest pilots, the Chevaliers of the Army Air Service!


  1. Nice looking aircraft. But I'm intrigued by that distant castle in the first picture. What is its story.

    1. Thank you for the comment. About the Castle; it is actually a paper model from a German Disney publication. It's based on the Disney Animated Robin Hood film, and populated by that films animated characters. My lovely partner made it while I was fussing with my paper models. If you are interested I can probably dig up the link for it.
      :P Cheers,

  2. Sorry I've been so long getting back... Thanks for the info. As one of my projects is the War of the Roses (I haven't decided on doing any Imagi-Nations for this - the War of the Daisies, perhaps?) a castle as a kind of backdrop piece might be just the deal, if the scale (the usual 1:76 or 1:72) is about right. If it's a little under that scale, that would be fine, too.


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